Santacruz Chembur Link Road


With Mumbai being a vertical city geographically, rail and road commute has mostly been along the north-south route. After population explosion and subsequent growth of the suburbs — both eastern and western suburbs — authorities realised that the city’s east-west connectivity had been mostly ignored with weak road links and just a handful of bridges to cross over the rail lines.

Santacruz Chembur Link Road is an important arterial road connecting Western Express Highway(WEH) and Eastern Express Highway(EEH). Total length of SantacruzChembur Link Road is 6.45 km starting from Dr. Hans Bhugra junction on WEH in Santacruz East and running to the East skirting Vidyanagari Campus (Mumbai University at Kalina) on its south and meeting LalBahadurShastri (LBS) Marg after crossing Meethi River Bridge. Thereafter it follows the existing S.G.BarveMarg to a length of about 150 meters and beyond a new road is proposed through slums and crosses the Mumbai Kalyan Central Railway (Main) line. Further passes close to LokmanyaTilak Terminal and through MHADA colony, running parallel to Harbour Line up to Amar Mahal junction of Eastern Western Highway.

Salient Features

The scope of work proposed for execution under MUTP is from the east end of 6 lane Mithi River Bridge up to Amar Mahal Junction of Eastern Express Highway(length 3.4 km, Ch.0+000 to 3+400) which is divided into two sections for execution purpose.

Section – 1 Ch. 0+000 to 1+335 and Ch. 2+775 to Ch. 3+400 and surrounding junction improvement 2.00 km
Section – 2 ROB and viaduct portion from Ch. 1+335 to Ch. 2+775 including Nehru Nagar Arm 1.40 km
Total 3.40 km

The cost of project for section 1 is 63.08crores excluding cost of Removal and Rehabilitation of project affected persons, which is done by MMRDA.The cost of project for section 2 is 191.68 Cr. As on date 65% of the work is complete.


Salient features of Section I:

  • Construction of 6 lane concrete road with 3 m wide foot path on either side with central divider
  • Construction of 6 lane – 527 m long flyover across LBS Marg junction, with 7.5 m wide service road and 3 m wide foot path on either side at grade
  • Replacement of existing steel bridge on old Agra Road with new one (all on Santacruz side i.e. from Ch. 0+000 to 1+335- East end of Mithi River Bridge to start of ramp of ROB across Central Railway tracks)
  • Road from Ch. 2 + 775 to 3 + 400 (from end of ramp of viaduct to Amar Mahal junction on EEH) on Amar Mahal side
  • Construction of one vehicular Subway near Amar Mahal junction, construction of junctions at Amar Mahal (at grade) with EEH and S.G.BarveMarg
  • Improvement of junctions on surrounding road network
  • The work also involves shifting and relocation of underground and over ground utility services like water mains, electric cables, telephone lines, TATA H.T Pylon etc.

Salient features OF Section II

  • Long viaduct with solid ramp in Reinforced Earth wall (R.E.wall) for 350 metres on Santacruz side
  • Road Over Bridge (ROB) across main line of C.Rly at first floor level and further two level viaduct close to LokmanyaTilak Terminal
  • Solid ramp in R.E.wall for 363 metres at first floor level and for 456 metres at second floor level
  • Short viaduct – cum – ROB on harbour line of Central Railway with a junction to main viaduct at first floor level for access to Nehru Nagar through the property of Kurla Dairy and L.T. Terminus Arm as approach to L.T. Terminus Station of Central Railway
  • Solid ramp R.E.wall for 104 metres for Nehru Nagar arm (Total length of ROB and viaduct including ramps is 1.40 km)