Panvel Elevant Road

Project Background

MMRDA, a Government Authority responsible for planning development works in Mumbai Metropolitan Region has sanctioned the work of Construction of Flyover opposite Panvel Bus stand on old Mumbai-Pune National Highway (NH4). Further MMRDA has given this work to MSRDC on deposit contribution basis for planning and execution. There are frequent traffic jams on stretch of old NH4 passing through Panvel city. Objective of the project is to ease the traffic congestion on this stretch by widening existing road and / or constructing flyover across junctions of this road. The project road stretch under consideration is a part of old NH-4 from Km 113/700 to Km 111/200 passing through Panvel town in Raigad district of Maharashtra measuring a length of about 2.5 Km. Presently, the project road is 2-lane having 7.0m bituminous carriageway. The stretch has Panvel Bus Depot & Stand located at the middle (Km 112/500) of its length experiencing severe congestion and there by delays resulting in environmental pollution, excessive vehicle operating costs. It is, therefore, necessary to provide an elevated corridor / flyover covering as many junctions as possible and to augment the capacity of the road by widening at grade which will segregate local traffic from non local and will ensure decongestion on this stretch.

Cost of Project

The cost of project as per tender is 139.27 crores and Time for completion of work is 24 December 2012.


Scope of Works


This is a Four Lane flyover with two lane each for up and down traffic, which starts near Ashoka Lawn, and stops approx. 300 m Ahead of junction at Gandhi Hospital. The total width of flyover is 17.2 m. The two additional ramps having 5.5m wide carriage way one on either side start at New Panvel junction and touching down at approximately 120m beyond Ambedkar junction. This is a single pier two-way flyover. It starts near Ashoka Lawn and covers junctions at New Panvel, Panacea Hospital, Ambedkar Junction and goes beyond Gandhi Hospital junction. Because of the restricted existing road width to approx. 23m near New Panvel Bridge and Panvel Bus depot, single pier two-way flyover Parallel with two Arms the length of two-way carriageway is 2964 m. Carriageway is 7.5 m wide with 1.2 m median and 0.5m RCC anti-crash barrier on both sides. Because of the limited existing road width and heavy traffic, construction work has to be carried out in such a way that traffic will have least disturbance. Minimum vertical and horizontal clearance will be maintained at obligatory spans as per the General Arrangements Drawing.


Schedule of Panvel Flyover

Scheduled Date of commencement of work : 06th Aug 2009
Stipulated Scheduled Date of completion of work : 05 February 2012
Period of Completion : 30 months.(from date of work order)
Approved Revised Extended Date of Completion : 24th December 2012

Salient Features Of Panvel Flyover

1 Carriageway Width 7.5 m x 2 for main carriageway 5.5 m x 2 for Left and Right Arm
2 Overall Width of Bridge 17.2 m for Main Carriageway 6.5 m for left and Right Arm
3 Width of Median Verge 1.2 m.
4 Longitudinal Gradient Not steeper than those shown in tender Drawing
5 Loading due to services As per IRC:6(Latest) and as per Design Criteria.
6 Clearance to be maintained for traffic 5.5 m for all junction except 6 m at Bus Depot Junction
7 Live Load in special condition As per IRC:6 Latest 2 Lane of Class A or 1 Lane of Class 70 R
8 Type of Foundation Open foundation
9 Type of Substructure RCC solid pier.
10 Type of Superstructure Pre- cast Segmental Construction. Superstructure Depth : Main Flyover - 2.40 m Ramps – 2-10 m
11 Grade of Concrete PCC Open Foundation Pier, Pier Cap Super structure R E wall, Pre Cast, Anti Crash Barrier M15 M60 M60 M60 M40
12 Landscaping As per drawings approved by the Engineer.
13 Design Speed of vehicle 100 Kmph on Curve Speed to be reduced as per design requirement
14 Total Length of Flyover including ramps Main Flyover – 1.69 Km Left Arm – 0.637 Km Right Arm – 0.637 Km
15 Approach Main Flyovers 85 m Towards Mumbai 97 m Towards Pune
16 Approach Left and Right Arm 90 m x 2 Towards Mumbai 110 m x 2 Towards Pune
17 Total Length of Viaduct Main Flyover – 1.508 Km
Left Arm – 0.437 Km
Right Arm – 0.437 Km
Total Length = 2.382 Km