Flyovers at Santacruz airport Junction on Western Express Highway


Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority is contemplating to develop a master plan for integrated road development with the objective of strengthening and augmenting the existing road network particularly within the suburbs where intensity and demand for road traffic has been increasing significantly. As part of Master Plan it is intended to evolve efficient traffic dispersal system which will include provision of Elevated roads, Grade separators, Interchanges, ROB’s RUBs, subways, pedestrian vehicular underpasses, etc. Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC Ltd.) on behalf of Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has decided to take up the Construction of Five Flyovers on WEH, in Mumbai to make WESTERN EXPRESS HIGHWAY a freeway. The flyover at Santacruz Airport near centaur hotel junction on western express highway is one such flyover identified by MMRDA.

Salient Fetures

Name of the Project Construction of 6-Lane Flyover at SantacruzAirport Junction on
Western Express Highway
Type of Project Infrastructure Development Project
Type of Contract Item rate contract
Original Contract Value Rs. 30.78 Crores
Revised Contract Value Rs. 36.89 Crores
Date of Agreement (LOA) 18th September, 2006
Date of Work Order 9th November , 2006
Time Frame 18 Months
Original Completion Date 08th May, 2008
Revised Time Frame 28 Months
Revised Completion Date 31st Mar, 2009
Type of Super structure design Pre cast segmented ‘I’ Girder
Special Technologies
  • Cast in Situ Bored Pilling with Hydraulic Rig
  • Precast- Post tensioned segmented I Girders
  • Cast in situ Post tensioned End Diaphragms
  • Approaches with Reinforced Earth
Original Overall Length of Flyover 714.765 Meter
Span Arrangements (35x3) + (35+45+27.5) + (27.5+45+35) + (35x4) = Total 13 spans
Obligatory spans 2 Obligatory spans of 45 m
Viaduct Portion 460.00 m
Geotechnical Investigation
  • In general weathered rock strata frpm 3 to 5 mt below GL.
  • Hard rock of 300T/Sqmt safe bearing capacity was available from 6mt to 9mt depth.
  • Maximum depth of borehole is 16.00 m
  • Ground water is encountered at depths between 3.0 to 5.0 m from ground level.
  • Combination of pile and open foundations.
  • Pile Foundation – 21 Nos. ( 161 Nos, of 1200mm dia bored cast in situ pile.
  • Permanent liner of 6mm thickness up to rock level.
  • Piles were anchored in rock.
  • Open foundation: - 7 nos.
Sub Structure
  • Solid R.C.C. rectangular Pier.-28 Nos
  • RCC rectangular shape Pier cap
Super Structure
  • Pre cast Post tensioned segmental ‘I’ girders.
  • 6 Girders/18 Segments per Span.
  • Cast in situ post tensioned end diaphragms
P.S.C. I girders
  • Total Girders : - 156 nos.
  • Total Segments: - 468 nos.
  • Total Stitches : - 352 nos.
  • Total End Diaphragm :- 34 nos.
Bearings And Expansion Joint
  • POT-PTFE Bearing up to 850 MT capacity.
  • Modular single beam/strip seal Expansion Joint.
Wearing Coat 6 mm Mastic Asphalt as water Proofing course over deck slab + 50 mm DBM + 25mm Mastic Asphalt as Top Wearing surface.
  • Solid ramps with R.E.S.(Reinforced Earth structure)
  • Approach lengths at Dahisar end is 106.95 m and at Bandra side 147.50 m
Crust On Approaches
  • GSB- 300 mm
  • WMM- 225 mm
  • BM-100 mm
  • DBM-75 mm
  • Mastic Asphalt-25 mm
Architectural Treatment
  • Architectural treatment is provided to Pier cap, anti crash barrier.
  • To achieve this treatment rubber liners (Recli) were fixed in shuttering
Water Spouts
  • The water spouts are provided with runners and down pipe at pier location as shown and taken up to 0.5 m below ground level in to a collection chambers.
  • All the chambers are connected to each other by NP3 class 300 diameter pipes and taken up to nearby drain.
  • Out of 12 lanes available, only 6 lanes made available for construction activities.