How to Correct Errors in COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate?

We recently make a post on how to download your covid-19 vaccine certificate using aarogya Setu app and cowin website.

A lot of you commented that there are some errors in a vaccine certificate and you would like to rectify them.

They may be some spelling mistakes in your name or your gender, date of birth on Aadhar card number has been wrongly entered.

This certificate is crucial document for both International and Domestic travel. it’s very important for you to get your information right.

In this very quickly explain it to you on how you can edit your vaccine certificate on cowin website.

Share this post with as many people as they can so that they can also get that questions answered.

5 Things to Know Before Making Changes

  1. You can edit your vaccine certificate that it only on cowin website as of now as there is no feature on aarogya Setu app.
  2. You can edit your vaccine certificate only once and this changes cannot be reversed. so once you have made the changes you old certificate will be deleted and you will be issued a new one. Make sure you enter the right details this time because you won’t get another chance again.
  3. You can add it 2 things out of your name, gender, photo ID number and date of birth.
  4. You can edit your family members or friends vaccine certificate as well if you have used your number to register them.
  5. Lastly your changes will be visible only on the final certificate not on the professional one that is issued after the first dose.

How to Correct Your Details in Vaccine Certificate

Let’s see how you can edit your vaccine certificate on cowin website.

  • Open
  • Tap Register/Sign in yourself
  • Enter Mobile number that you used to register your vaccine & tap get OTP
  • Enter OTP > Tap verify and proceed
  • Tap raise an issue
  • Select member > Choose correction in certificate
  • Enter the correct information and tap continue
  • Make sure you read this information and tap submit and your changes will be done

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