Maharashtra State Lottery

Maharashtra State Lottery has been in existance from 12th April 1969. The Finance Department of the State initiated the lottery to prevent cheating of the common people by miscreants through illegal gambling schemes like Matka. The State run lottery is totally trustworthy and provides an opportunity to the citizens to win a large prize amount from a very small investment and fulfill their dreams. The revenue generated from the lottery sales also helps the State to improve the infrastructure, provide health and education facilities, enhance the status of women and child welfare, for agriculture sector etc. Simultaneously many unemployed persons are engaged in sale of lottery tickets and provide them with full time or part time employment.

Maharashtra State Lottery Results

Maharashtra State Lottery NamesDateView
Sahyadri Mahalaxmi Lottery Result30/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Mangal Weekly Lottery Result30/11/2021View
Padmini Weekly Lottery Result30/11/2021View
Ganeshlaxmi Shubh Lottery Result30/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Som Weekly Lottery Result29/11/2021View
Sahyadri Dhanlaxmi29/11/2021View
Ganeshlaxmi Bhagyashali29/11/2021View
Sagarlaxmi Weekly Lottery Result29/11/2021View
Ganeshlaxmi Vaibhav Lottery Result28/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Weekly Lottery Result28/11/2021View
Maharashtra Mohini Weekly Lottery Result28/11/2021View
Sahyadri Prabhalaxmi Lottery Result27/11/2021View
Ganeshlaxmi Samruddhi Weekly Lottery Result27/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Lottery Result27/11/2021View
Maharashtralaxmi Weekly Lottery Result27/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Akarshak Lottery Result26/11/2021View
Vaibhavlaxmi Lottery Result26/11/2021View
Sahyadri Rajlaxmi Lottery Result26/11/2021View
Ganesh Laxmi Dhan Lottery Result26/11/2021View
Akarshak Pushkaraj Weekly Lottery Reulst25/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Lottery Result 25/11/2021View
Ganesh Laxmi Gaurav Lottery Result25/11/2021View
Sahyadri Deeplaxmi Lottery Result25/11/2021View
Akshya Weekly Lottery Result24/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Weekly Lottery Result 24/11/2021View
Ganeshlaxmi Vijayee Weekly Lottery Result24/11/2021View
Sahyadra Vijayalaxmi Lottery Result24/11/2021View
Padmini Lottery Result23/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Weekly Lottery Result23/11/2021View
Ganeshlaxmi Shubh Weekly Lottery Result23/11/2021View
Sahyadri Mahalaxmi Lottery Result23/11/2021View
Ganeshlaxmi Bhagyashali Weekly Lottery Result22/11/2021View
Sahyadri Dhanlaxmi Lottery Result22/11/2021View
Sagarlaxmi Weekly Lottery Result22/11/2021View
Maharashtra Gajlaxmi Som Lottery Result22/11/2021View
Ganeshlaxmi Vaibhav Weekly Lottery Result21/11/2021View
Maharashtra Mohini Weekly Lottery Result21/11/2021View
Maharashtra Gajlaxmi Weekly Lottery Result21/11/2021View
Maharashtra Laxmi Weekly Lottery Result20/11/2021View
Gajalakshmi Lottery Result20/11/2021View
Ganesh Laxmi Samruddhi Lottery Result20/11/2021View
Sahyadri Rajlaxmi Lottery Result19/11/2021View
Ganesh Laxmi Dhan Weekly Draw19/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Akarshak Draw Result19/11/2021View
Ganesh Laxmi Diwali Special Lottery Result19/11/2021 View
Sahyadri Deeplaxmi18/11/2021View
Akarshak Pushkaraj Weekly Draw18/11/2021View
Ganesh Laxmi Gaurav Saptahik Lottery18/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Guru Saptahik Draw18/11/2021View
Ganesh Laxmi Dhan Draw12/11/2021View
Sahyadri Rajlaxmi Lottery Draw12/11/2021View
Maharashtra Diwali Bumper Draw12/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Draw12/11/2021View
Akarshak Pushkaraj Weekly Draw11/11/2021View
Ganesh Laxmi Gaurav Draw11/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Weekly Draw11/11/2021View
Akarshak Pushkaraj Weekly Draw11/11/2021View
Sahyadri Weekly Vijayee Laxmi Wednesday Draw10/11/2021View
Ganesh Laxmi Vijayee Weekly Draw10/11/2021View
Gajlaxmi Wednesday Lottery 10/11/2021View
Akshay Weekly Draw10/11/2021View
Maharashtra Sahyadri Monthly Draw09/11/2021View
Maharashtra Gajlaxmi Weekly Lottery09/11/2021View
Ganesh Laxmi Shubh Weekly Draw09/11/2021 View
Maharashtra Sahyadri Mahalaxmi Tuesday Draw09/11/2021 View
Sagar Laxmi Weekly Draw08/11/2021 View
Maharashtra Sahyadri Dhanlaxmi Monday Draw08/11/2021 View

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