How to Book TTD 300 Rs Special Entry Darshan Tickets?

How to Get 300 Rs Special Darshan in Tirumala

The Special Darshan is also call “Seegra Darshan”

There are Two Ways to Book Special Darshan

  1. One is Online and another booking is Current Booking
  2. The Cost of Speical Darshan is Rs.300/- per pilgrim.

Step 1: Before 90 days of any date, tickets are released online at TTD Online Website.

Step 2: Pilgrims can book at TTD Online Website or at any TTD Counters in their city.

Step 3: If the quota is filled, the pilgrims can book under current booking.

Step 4: After, Reaching Tirumala, pilgrims can book ticket at any TTD Seva Counters under current booking.

Special Darshant Ticket Counters are available at APSRTC Bus & Railway Stations in Tirupati.

Step 5: Once the ticket is purchased, pilgrim can directly report to the que complex for Darshan

Special Darshan can take 5-6 hours depending on crowd.

Never book through any third party websites, brokers!


  1. Pilgrims can book Accomodation for Tirumala location only if there is a valid Special Entry Darshan Booking.
  2. Option to book Tirumala Accommodation will be available in the Transaction History or Home page against your Special Entry Darshan Booking.
  3. Accommodation booking is allowed only for one day, either on the same day or previous day of Darshan date.
  4. Accommodation bookings will not be allowed for the current day.

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