Moderniation and Computerization of Thirty Two (32) Integrated Border Check Posts...

Project Background (Location)

The Government has decided to carry out Modernization and Computerization of 32 Border Check Posts in total, which includes 24 border check posts of Transport Department and 8 new border check posts of Sales Tax & State Excise Department.

List of 24 Border Check Post
S.No. Type of BCP Place Taluka District Road details Adjoining state Present Status
1 Major Dapachary Talasari Thane NH 8 Gujarat In Operation
2 Major Haddakhed Shirpur Dhule NH 3 M.P. In Operation
3 Major Navapur Navapur Nandurbar NH 6 Gujarat In Operation
4 Big Kagal Kagal Kolhapur NH 4 Karnatak In Progress
5 Big Deori Deori Gondia NH 6 Chhatisgad In Progress
6 Medium Omerga Omerga Osmanabad NH 9 Karnatak In Operation
7 Medium Mandrup South Solapur Solapur NH 13 Karnatak In Operation
8 Medium Pimpalkutti Pandharkawada Yeotmal NH 7 Andhra Pradesh In Operation
9 Medium Manegaon Ramtek Nagpur NH 7 Madhya Pradesh In Operation
10 Medium Banda Savantwadi Sindhudurga NH 17 Goa Not yet started
11 Medium Marawade Mangalvedha Solapur NH 9 Karnatak Not yet started
12 Medium Saoner Saoner Nagpur NH 69 Madhya Pradesh In Operation
13 Small Purnad Muktainagar Jalgaon SH 8 Madhya Pradesh In Progress
14 Small Borgaon Surgana Nasik SH 23 Gujarat In Progress
15 Small Rajura Rajura Chandrapur SH 264 Andhra Pradesh In Progress
16 Small Biloli Biloli Nanded SH 225 Andhra Pradesh In Progress
17 Small Chorwad Raver Jalgaon SH 4 Madhya Pradesh Not yet started
18 Small Deglur Deglur Nanded SH 6 Andhra Pradesh Not yet started
19 Small Khapri Chandur bazar Amravati SH 6 Madhya Pradesh In Progress
20 Small Akkalkua Akkalkua Nandurbar SH 4 Gujrat In Progress
21 Small Shinoli Chandgad Kolhapur SH 121 Karnatak In Progress
22 Small Warud Warud Amravati SH 244 Madhya Pradesh In Operation
23 Small Peth Peth Nasik NH 848 Gujarat Not yet started
24 Small Chindwada Chindwada Nagpur NH 26B Madhya Pradesh In Progress
List of locations for 8 Eight Sales Tax Check Post
  • J N P T (Sea Port) Raigad
  • M B P T ( Sea Port) Mumbai
  • Kalamboli (railway C.P) Mumbai
  • Mulund (railway C.P) Mumbai
  • Panvel (railway C.P) Raigad
  • Jogeshwari (railway C.P) Mumbai
  • Airport Mumbai Sahar Cargo Complex
  • Nagpur Air Cargo Complex (Proposed)

Project features/ details/contractor detail/technical details

Name of the project : Modernization and computerization of Integrated Border Check Posts at 24 (Twenty-Four) locations in the state of Maharashtra on Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) basis
Contractor (Concessionaire) Concession Agreement : Maharashtra Border Check Post Network Limited.(MBCPNL)
Between Transport Department & MBCPNL
Work Order Details : MSRDC letter no MSRDC/02/BCP/1939 dated 05.05.2009
Commencement Date : 05.05.2009
Concession Period : 24 years 6 months.(Including construction period of 18 months)
Independent Consultant : SAI consulting Engineers, Ahmadabad
The Modernised and Computerised Border Check-Posts will have the following features:-
  • Admin Building
  • Transport office
  • Operator Booths
  • Parking Area
  • Godowns
  • Auto Mechanical/Wring/Electrical Repairing Workshop
  • Detention Yard
  • Hostel with Mess (Dormitory , Three person sharing, single occupying )
  • Residential quarters
  • Toilet Blocks
  • Electronic weigh bridges
  • Cassettes/C.D.s shop
  • Video-Surveillance
  • Automatic vehicle identification
  • Computers and Hardware
  • High - Mast yard illumination
  • Electronic and electrical equipments
  • STD/PCO/Cyber Café
  • Check-post software
  • Dhaba/Eateries
  • Puncture Repairing Shop
  • General Stores
  • Medical Stores
  • Dormitory / Rest Room for vehicle drivers

Project Cost

Project Cost : 1000.00 crore

The Modernisation and Computerisation of Border Check-Posts will achieve the following objectives: -

  • Clearance through 100% full-proof checking
  • Solution to hassle-free and speedier clearance
  • Reduction in down-time from entry to exit
  • As the functions of three departments (Transport, Sales-Tax and State Excise) clubbed together under one-roof, it will be respite for the transporters from cumbersome and time-consuming clearance procedures.

Project Current Status

Out of the total of 24 Border Check-Posts, 9 Border Check-Posts are already operational. In case of remaining Border Check-Posts, all-out efforts are being made to make them operational as fast as possible.

Among many challenges faced, the major one is the acquisition of encumbrance-fee land.


Map of Project